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nitrogen-gas-bottlesAs the supply of disposable R134A gas bottles has been discontinued, SGS Gases have sourced a supply of 12Kg refillable bottles. These are supplied upon payment of a refundable deposit, plus the cost of the gas.

Nitrogen (OFN)

Oxygen-Free Nitrogen is available for pressure testing as the release of refrigerant gases into the atmosphere has been outlawed.

We can also supply couplings to connect our bottles to your machine.

Leak Trace

SGS Gases are proud to annouce SGS Leak Trace, a 5% Hydrogen/Nitrogen mix to be used with Hydrogen sniffing equipment for leak detection in automotive air conditioning systems. These will find the smallest of leaks quickly,  minimizing the time spent searching for that tiny leak with the traditional nitrogen method. 

Our range of accessories and adapters can be seen here.

Remember, No Rental Charges

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