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SGS Gases has a network of distributors supplying
Rent Free welding gases to low volume users such as garages, bodyshops, agriculture and hobby welders. Established in 2010 we have quickly grown into a respected motor trade supplier covering the UK and Ireland, promoting ourselves on your behalf with national advertising.


Why Rent Free? BOC and Air Products charge a cylinder rental as well as charges for delivery, collection, environment & energy surcharges. They also charge for the gas itself on top of all the above. Low users can save money if they can find a local SGS supplier who will deliver non rental cylinders without these extra charges


A minimal investment in terms of product and space is required. With a UK Mainland minimum order of just 240L (12 x 20L Cylinders) it only requires around one square metre of space and a small financial investment.


SGS Gases are here to support you with your business, offering free on-going product training to include workouts with sales representatives. We have an excellent range of marketing support material which is available to help you maximise your profit potential and drive sales, as well as a listing and link on our website.


Health and Safety is our priority and we will provide all the support and knowledge you will need to ensure your business has the requirements necessary to meet
HS&E/BCGA standards.




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