oxygensSGS Gases stock 10L, 20L and 30L refillable bottles of Oxygen, these industrial grade cylinders are perfect for use with Acetylene or our new product Pro Fuel!

Pro Fuel

We also supply SGS Pro Fuel, our latest product which replaces Acetylene and burns at a very similar temperature. 

Used to carry out gas welding, cutting, heating or brazing, acetylene primary flames reach 3100°C whereas Profuel is a little lower at 2950°C this compared to propane at 2600°C makes a big difference. The Profuel secondary flame burns twice as hot as acetylene and is a much safer gas to use.

However as this is a different gas we suggest end users adjust their settings and strongly recommend our range of Pro Fuel specific nozzles, which give the very best results.


Oxy-Pro Fuel Kits Now Available

SGS Gases are happy to announce our 10L and 20L Pro Fuel kits, they include all the equipment you will need to get started!

SGS - 10L Pro Fuel Kit

SGS - 20L Pro Fuel Kit


Pro Fuel Nozzles and Equipment


Our range of Pro Fuel Nozzles and Torches can be seen HERE


SGS LWNP Lightweight Nozzle Pack, now available! 


SGS Pro Fuel Model-O Nozzles NOW IN STOCK! Contact your local distributor for more information!


Many more minor accessories are available from our distributors, part numbers can be seen here!




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