Regulators and Adapters

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SGS I1 Argon Regulator

Our standard single stage, twin gauge Argon Regulator, the SGS I1 is perfect for both Pure Argon and Argon Mix applications.


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 SGS L2 Oxygen Regulator

For use only with Oxygen the SGS L2 is a quality single stage, twin gauge regulator.


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 SGS L3 LPG Regulator

Used for either ProFuel or standard Propane, the SGS L3 is specially designed for SGS Gases with it's uncommon twin gauge set up.


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 SGS J1 Nitrogen Regulator

Our 10 Bar output, single stage, twin gauge Nitrogen regulator SGS J1 is perfect for testing automotive A/C systems.


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SGS N1 Balloon Inflator

The SGS N1 is a simple balloon inflator, perfect for filling latex balloons with Helium.


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 SGS I2 Mini-Mig Adapter Hose

A simple but effective adapter hose to couple a fullsize regulator (SGS I1) to a Mini-Mig's hard plastic hose.


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 SGS I21 Mini-Mig Adapter

Too much hose? Too much hassle? Here is our compact Mini-Mig adapter, functioning just like an SGS I2 but without the extra hose length.


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 Regulator Adapters

We keep both right (SGS N3) and left handed (SGS N4) 90 degree adapters.


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SGS I7 Argon Adapter Set

Our SGS I7 is perfect for fitting most hoses to an Argon Regulator.


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 (Colours and exact style may vary due to manufacturer)