50L 10% CO2/Argon Cylinders

10% CO2 / Argon Mix 50L

10% CO2
90% Argon

Suitable for Mig Welding 6mm to 12mm thickness.

  • 50L Water Capacity
  • 200 Bar intended fill pressure
  • 5/8″ BSP RH Outlet
  • Available from Limited distributors! 


Used for MIG welding mild steel from 6mm to 12mm thickness. The Gas is sold in 10L, 20L, 30L and from limited distributors a full-size 50L cylinder this mix provides a far superior weld than it’s cheaper counterpart CO2. A 5% blend is also available for lighter welding below a 6mm thickness, See HERE.

All of our cylinders are filled to 200BAR and come with a full-size 5/8” BSP Outlet, compatible with most existing UK regulators!