Nitrogen pressure testing kit

Nitrogen Pressure testing kit

  • 7/16th Aircon Hose
  • Drop Gauge designed for OFN Testing
  • High quality US made Mastercool R134A Adaptor
  • Regulator adaptor for 3/8th BSP to 7/16th hose fitting


Nitrogen Testing kit to be used to pressure test on R134a Air Con Systems


The Nitrogen Testing kit includes a drop gauge, Hose and two connectors for R134A Systems. The kit is used to pressure test Aircon systems with the use of Oxygen free Nitrogen gas.(OFN)

We also sell a version of the Nitrogen testing kit complete with trolley See HERE

Images show the Nitrogen Testing Kit – Part number: SGS TEST R134A.


  • 10L Nitrogen
  • 20L Nitrogen
  • 30L Nitrogen
  • NTK10 Kit
  • NTK20 Kit
  • R134a systems


Part Number: SGS TestR134a

Previous part number: SGS M1

Compatible Gas: Nitrogen