HD 20L/30L Profuel Kit

SGS HD / Type 5 20L/30L Profuel Kit.

The 20L/30L Heavy Duty style kit comes complete with all the equipment you need to weld, heat, braze and cut just add the Oxygen and Profuel cylinders!

See the full part list below!

Cylinders not included.



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The 20/30 Heavy duty Profuel Kit Contains:

1 x Oxygen Regulator
1 x Profuel Regulator
1 x 30L/20L Twin Trolley
1 x Oxygen Flashback
1 x Pro Fuel Flashback
1 x 5m, HD 6mm Oxygen Hose
1 x 5m, HD 6mm Pro Fuel Hose
1 x HD Shank
1 x HD Mixer
1 x HD Cutting Attachment
1 x HD #5 Welding Nozzle
1 x HD #7 Welding Nozzle
1 x HD Cutting Nozzle
1 x Cuplighter + Flints
1 x “Sports Type” Bag
1 x Spanner
1 x Goggles


Cylinders not included.


  • Oxygen
  • ProFuel


Part Number: SGS PFK2030HD

Previous Part Number: SGS PFK6