20L/30L NM Profuel Cutting Kit

20L/30L NM Profuel Cutting Kit

The 20L/30L NM style ProFuel cutting kit is the perfect solution for all your cutting needs, with an 18-90 blowpipe and array of nozzles capable of cutting thin plate to heavy steel. The 20L / 30L Twin trolley holds one 20L cylinder and one 30L cylinder in the trolley with a securing bar locking them in place, – The trolley can be seen HERE!

See the full contents of the kit below!

Cylinders not included.




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The 20L/30L NM Profuel cutting Kit Contains:

1 x Oxygen Regulator
1 x Profuel Regulator
1 x 20L/30L Twin Trolley
1 x Oxygen Flashback
1 x Pro Fuel Flashback
1 x 10m, 6mm Oxygen Hose
1 x 10m, 6mm Pro Fuel Hose
1 x 18 90 Blowpipe
1 x HD Cutting Nozzle 1/32 (Thin)
1 x HD Cutting Nozzle 1/16 (Medium)
1 x HD Cutting Nozzle 3/32 (Heavy)
1 x Cuplighter + Flints
1 x “Sports Type” Bag
1 x Spanner
1 x Goggles

Cylinders not included.


  • 20L Profuel
  • 30L Oxygen
  • Oxy / Fuel Range


Part Number: PFK20CUT

Previous Part Number: SGS PFK CUT20

Trolley Dimensions: 50cm x 40cm x 110cm