HD Welding Nozzle #13

SGS Heavy Duty Nozzle

  • HD Welding/Brazing Nozzle #13


Heavy Duty #13 Nozzle is used for brazing welding and heating. It is slightly bigger than a #10 and is for somebody that has chosen to use a heavier gear. This could be due to the nature of the job at hand or the environment in which they work. This nozzle will be used when working with much thicker material or with large components. It can produce fast, aggressive heat when needed but can also be used for day to day heating jobs as long as the user regulates the flow of gas. This nozzle connects to our Heavy Duty mixer and in turn connect to our Heavy Duty shank

This item is consumable and may need to be replaced especially after extensive use.


  • Oxygen
  • ProFuel
  • HD Mixer


Part Number: SGS HD13

Range: Heavy Duty

Connection: HD Mixer

Weight: 76g