Oxygen Flashback Arrestor

Oxygen Flashback Arrestor

  • Vital piece of safety equipment
  • Prevents flashback into regulators or cylinder
  • Suitable for most fuel gases
  • Single use – cost effective design


SGS Gases Oxygen Flashback arrestor is a vital piece of safety equipment when using any Oxy/Fuel set up. These small devices prevent dangerous flashbacks entering both regulators and cylinders. These flashbacks can occur due to a number of reasons, often in a busy garage environment they are caused by a hose becoming damaged during use.

Using more unstable fuels such as Acetylene also increases the risk of flashback during normal use, a great advantage to using Pro Fuel is it’s safer and more stable nature which results in a dramatically decreased risk of flashbacks. This is not to say any Oxy/Fuel set up should be operated without safe, in-date flashback arrestors fitted to both the fuel and oxygen cylinders.

These single-use flashback arrestors are a perfect balance between cost effectiveness and performance. With the reduced risk of flashback when using Pro Fuel, a more expensive resettable flashback arrestor is often simply not required, but do remember to replace any Oxy/Fuel equipment which shows signs of damage or excess wear.


  • Oxygen


Part Number: SGS FBAOXY

Previous Part Number: SGS L5

Input Connection: 3/8” BSP R/H Male

Output Connection: 3/8” BSP R/H Female

Weight: 170 grams