Pro Fuel Regulator

Profuel Regulator

  • Twin Gauge regulator, allows the user to read both cylinder pressure and output pressure
  • Single stage, simple adjustment to set the perfect gas flow
  • Suitable for OxyFuel applications


SGS Gases Pro Fuel Regulator is perfect for both the hobby and professional market, a cost effective regulator which allows the user accurate control over their gas usage. Capable of outputting pressures of 0-4 BAR our LPG regulator is perfect for accurate fine control over your Oxy Fuel setup.

Rated for a maximum input pressure of 25 BAR these regulators are a safe and leak-free way to manage the useable pressure for our range of Pro Fuel cylinders.

The industry standard 5/8” BSP L/H input will fit all standard screw fitment LPG cylinder valves. With a 3/8” BSP L/H output these should be used in conjunction with our Fuel FBA  to safeguard against dangerous flashback should a hose become damaged whilst in use.


  • 10L Pro Fuel
  • 20L Pro Fuel
  • Most Propane Cylinders


Part Number: SGS REGFUEL

Previous Part Number: SGS L3

Max Input: 25BAR

Max Output: 4BAR

Cylinder Connection: 5/8” BSP L/H

Output Connection: 3/8” BSP L/H

Weight: 1.4 kg