See our Light Weight hoses range here!

We Sell Lightweight hoses for Oxygen, Profuel and Acetylene starting in lengths of 5 Meters. See our Heavy Duty range HERE


Below show the part numbers for the lightweight style hoses we sell! – Longer hoses are also available on request.

Part Number Description
SGS HoseLWAcet5 5M 1/4″ Fitted Acetylene Hose (L/W)
SGS HoseLWOxy5 5m Oxygen Hose 1/4″ Fitted
SGS HoseLWFuel5 5m Profuel Hose 1/4″ Fitted
SGS HoseLWOxy10 10M 1/4″ Fitted Oxygen Hose (L/W)
SGS HoseLWFuel10 10M 1/4″ Fitted LPG Hose (L/W)