See our Heavy Duty Hoses range here!

We Sell Heavy Duty style hoses for Oxygen, Profuel and Acetylene starting in lengths of 5 Meters. See our alternative Light Weight range HERE


Below shows the part numbers for the many different Heavy Duty style hoses we sell.

Part Number Description
SGS HoseHDOxy5 Oxygen Hose 5M (3/8 Fitted)
SGS HoseHDFuel5 Propane Hose 5M (3/8 Fitted)
SGS HoseHDAcet5 Acetylene Hose 5M 3/8″ (H/D)
SGS HoseHDOxy10 Fitted Oxygen Hose 10M 3/8″ (H/D)
SGS HoseHDFuel10 Fitted LPG Hose 10M 3/8″(H/D)
SGS HoseHDOxy10H Fitted Oxygen Hose 10mm ID 10M 3/8″ (H/D)
SGS HoseHDFuel10H Fitted LPG Hose 10mm ID 10M 3/8″ (H/D)