5% CO2/Argon 50L

5% CO2 / Argon Mix 50L

5% CO2
95% Argon

Suitable for Mig Welding up to approx. 6mm

  • 50L Water Capacity
  • 200 Bar intended fill pressure
  • 5/8″ BSP RH Outlet
  • Available from limited distributors!


Used for MIG welding mild steel up to around 6mm thicknesses, our best selling product and one of the most widely used welding gases in the industry. Is sold in 10L, 20L, 30L and from limited distributors a full-size 50L cylinder this mix provides a far superior weld than it’s cheaper counterpart CO2. A 15% blend is also available for heavy duty welding ranging from 6mm upwards!

All of our cylinders are filled to 200BAR and come with a full-size 5/8” BSP Outlet, compatible with most existing UK regulators!

Please note, the 50L cylinders are only available from a limited number of distributors due to the additional handling requirements they pose.