Pro Fuel 20L

20L Pro Fuel Cylinder

100% Propylene

Suitable for Heating, Cutting and Brazing

  • 2950°C peak temperatures with Oxygen
  • Safer than Acetylene
  • Less cylinder changes!


Available in 10L and 20L cylinders, Pro Fuel is an LPG similar to Propane or Butane however burns a lot hotter, is safer to transport, can be stored either horizontally or vertically and does not require a “rest” period after transportation, just stand the cylinder up and it’s ready to go!

With our specialist nozzles designs specifically for Pro Fuel our kits can not only achieve similar peak temperatures but have a significantly decreased risk of flashback.

Our complete Pro Fuel kits and individual items such as nozzles are all available at your local SGS stockist!

Please Note. Pro Fuel is a liquid and as such is filled by weight. The cylinder pressure does not reflect the contents.